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Going green but painfully aware of how big your footprint still is?  Care about the environment but feel like it’s too hard to change your wasteful habits, even though you feel bad about them?  

You’re experiencing GREEN GUILT. 

You might be an aspiring vegetarian, a zero waste guru, a natural beauty newbie, an ethical fashionista, or just an interested passerby. No matter where you are in your green journey, I invite you to join me, Gigi The Guilty Greenie, in transforming green guilt into motivation.  Let’s put sustainability second to our sanity and go green mindfully.

Here’s what you’ll find on this blog:

– positive thoughts, helpful tips, and genuine reviews on sustainable living –

– insights from me and other greenies on how to deal with green guilt and still go green –

Here’s what it’s all about: 

It’s up to all of us to save the earth!   We get that by now.  At least, most of us do.  But saving the earth is a big ol’ responsibility that requires a lot of change to the way we live.

A lot of times, we’re guilted into changing.  We’re told, “You’re destroying the earth, and you’ve got to stop, or there will be nothing left for our children!”

As a society, it’s important that we’re aware of all the reasons why we need to change (global warming, pollution, deforestation, declining biodiversity, waste buildup, etc..).  Some very high ranking people in America (who shall not be named) still don’t get it.

But as individuals, being faced with preachy messages and dooming statistics about the environment can get both depressing and overwhelming.

And have you noticed that it’s not so easy to change the system, or to change your own habits for that matter?

We lead busy lives.  We have jobs and families, and places to be, and dreams that consume our energy.  We have enough stress already.  And when we do find the time to focus on change, we may find that there are so many competing perspectives and weighted options to choose from.

What is truly green?  Is it even possible to have zero impact on the environment?

These are questions that can haunt an environmentalist.  But when we already care about the earth and want to change, focusing on perfection can lead to overwhelm, and carrying around guilt for all our bad habits is not helpful.

Being aware of the problems and questioning the solutions is super important, don’t get me wrong.  Getting rid of green guilt is not about ignoring the state of things and saying, “well my actions don’t matter that much in the scheme of things,” or “it’s not worth worrying about anyway.”

Letting go of the guilt is about acknowledging that it’s not a helpful feeling.  Instead, we can hold on to our green intentions and look toward what IS helpful.  Motivation is helpful. Inspiration is helpful.

The best way to create real and lasting change is through positive motivation and reinforcement. Let’s focus on the good and grow it, not dwell on the bad and have it weigh us down.

Let’s focus on what we can change, right now, no matter how big or small a step it might be. That step matters.  The more we integrate sustainable living into our lives, the more it will become our default way of living.

Let’s set out boldly and passionately on the path to sustainability, but let’s remember to heal ourselves, so that we can continue to heal the planet.

Power to ya,


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