The Guilty Greenie

The Relaunch of the guilty greenie

Ever feel like just ripping out a page of your life and starting fresh?  Well, that’s what I’ve just done with this blog.  The goal is the same: to share thoughts and tools about green living and mindfulness.  Almost everything else is new.  I’ve splashed the site with a fresh design and privately archived my old posts.  This way, all of the content on here now will reflect the sustainable, ethical, and creative standards I align with today. 

First Time Here?

Welcome.  Happy to virtually meet you.  I go by Gigi.  I’m a twenty-something writer, artist, and educator.  I’ve been a nature junkie all my life, and I got involved with environmental activism when I was a teenager.  Back then, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.  It took me a long time to fully realize that in order to heal the earth, I needed to start by healing myself.  Now, I want to share that approach with you.  Maybe you’re here because you want to protect nature too, or maybe you want to bring some more peace into your life.  Well, whether you are a veteran green freak, a mindfulness newbie, or a curious passerby, I invite you to join me as I aim to take a holistic, non-judgmental, and practical approach to change.  

The Greenie Love Club

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