About The G.G.

The Blog

The Guilty Greenie is a budding blog all about going green mindfully.

Topics include natural beauty, sustainable and ethical fashion, zero waste, eco crafting, clean eating, and more, more, more.

Being a greenie = pursuing a sustainable lifestyle for the sake of the self and the planet.

Being a guilty greenie = being (at times) painfully aware of all the ways you’re still contributing to environmental problems.

The Gal

Oh, hello.  I go by Gigi, and I am The Guilty Greenie.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was six, can’t breathe without California oak trees, and find absolute bliss by jumping off rocks into lakes.

I’ve been learning how to deal with green guilt since my early teen years, when I thought it was up to me to change the world.  I’m now in my mid-twenties, and I’ve learned to focus on changing myself.  I still have some major guilt pangs now and then, but I seek to use them to inspire rather than depress me.  Perhaps the info and insights I share will help you do the same. I strongly believe that real change happens best through positive motivation.

Shoot me a note: guiltygreenie@gmail.com

Stay sane, greenies.

x Gigi