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What is Green Guilt?


Got green guilt?  It’s a real thing.  It means you are burdened by your communal and personal impact on the environment.  You may feel ashamed, taxed, or overwhelmed by how your everyday choices contribute to environmental degradation.  You’re definitely not alone.  In truth, even the most revolutionary environmentalists and natural lifestyle gurus have footprints of some size if they are engaged in modern society.  At one point or another, they probably feel guilty about that.

These days, it’s shoved down our throats that the fate of the planet weighs on each of our shoulders.  Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot of truth to that message.  (It’s also on the shoulders of large and small corporations, the government, and the whole darn world–so, keep that in mind too).  It is indeed, though, so important to be aware of how our individual actions affect the environment, even if that means just our local landfill.  Yet, the pressure to go green and the many choices that it entails can make the task feel daunting.  It can make people want to give up altogether, sometimes before they even start.  It can muddy the process, making it unenjoyable, cumbersome, and above all, less efficient.


When we already care about the earth and want to change, constantly feeling guilty about our shortcomings can make us less productive change-makers.  See, that’s why addressing green guilt is a helpful and important task.  Ignoring guilt or being unaware of how it’s affecting you can lead to indecision, avoidance, or eventual indifference.

The first step in transforming green guilt is acknowledging that guilt is not a helpful feeling.  Instead, we can hold on to what is helpful, which is what’s behind that guilt — genuine concern for the environment.  The next step is to take action without overwhelming ourselves and to build upon that action.  In order to create real and lasting change, we need to focus on positive motivation and reinforcement. The more we integrate sustainable living into our lives, the more it will become our default way of living.


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