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Hello, hello! Welcome, ladies and gents and everything in between, to the second Guilty Greenie Confessional.  In this interview series, great green bloggers get real about green guilt.  Do they have any? How the heck to they deal with it?  Their answers may surprise you, inspire you, and maybe even ease your own guilt a little (if you’ve got any).  Check out the first confessional right here.

This second little interview is with U.K. beauty and lifestyle blogger Ana Green, of the aptly named ‘Ana Goes Green.’  I first landed on ‘Ana Goes Green’ after searching and searching for reviews of an obscure organic beauty product I had my eye on.  Grateful to have discovered the insight I needed, I stuck around to see what other goodies Ana recommended.  Well, I loved what I found.  ‘Ana Goes Green,’ which dates back four years, is full of lovely reviews on lots of niche yet affordable green brands.

Keep on scrolling to hear about the guilty habits of this green blogger.


ana green


Q: To start, what is one of your guiltiest habits?

A:  That would have to be takeaway food. Last year I cut out all takeaways, but with the arrival of my second baby sometimes buying in food (with all its associated wasteful packaging) is a relief from the constant cooking. However, now that baby is a bit older and we are in more of a routine, we are cutting back our weekly take away to once a month as a treat.

Q: How do you carry eco-guilt, if you have it?

A:  I see being green as a spectrum. The journey keeps you moving on that spectrum and consistently making better choices for you and your family. Perfection in this modern world doesn’t yet exist, but I believe strongly that small changes add up, and we should be focusing on the things that we can easily change rather than those things we can’t. I don’t feel guilt as such, but as I learn more and have the ability to change more, I evaluate my life and try to act on the changes where they are needed. In terms of green and natural cosmetics, which is my speciality, I often see people shamed for not using the “most green” brands, and I think this is a mistake.  If people are making positive changes for them, that is great and should always be applauded.

Q: In your decision to ‘go green,’ was guilt a motivating factor?

A:  Not really. I have always been interested in nature, wildlife, and being eco-friendly. I studied animal care in college and was fascinated with farming and the way it was evolving. When I got pregnant with my son, I developed an interest in natural and organic cosmetics, not because I believe that regular cosmetics are bad, but because I believe in the therapeutic effects of plant oils and well made natural products. I recently gave up my job to work from home, as it involved a 33 mile commute.  This was in part sparked by guilt and a desire to lead the most sustainable life I can.  It was a difficult decision but one I believe is best in the long run.

Q: What’s your most recent ‘eco’ change, small or large?

A: We are currently making changes so the garden is more eco-friendly and getting in to composting more of our waste. We also love to grow our own fruit and vegetables, so we are planning to use some of the space we have to maximize growing next year. The house we own has needed significant reform, so we have made it more energy-efficient and reused items where possible, which was very satisfying. We are always making changes and thinking of ways to improve what we have.

Q: What change are you most proud of, or which was the hardest?

A: At the beginning of this year I set myself a challenge to minimize food waste in the house.  I find it is something we need to work continuously on (it is easy to slip back in to bad habits). We have managed to ensure very little (if anything) is now wasted on a monthly basis, so I consider it a success. This has saved us money too and is something every household should look in to, as small changes really do make a difference. I am also very proud of being able to have conversations with people about these issues on my blog; it makes all the difference to know others are facing similar challenges.

Q: What’s currently on your green wishlist?  

It would have to be the veggie garden. I can’t wait to eat my own produce again; nothing tastes quite as good as peas straight from the pod!

Q: Lastly, if you were an essential oil, which would you be? 

A: I love rose oil; it is so beautiful and exotic and so precious when you realize how many petals went in to making it. It is my favorite essential, and I love all the varieties you can get!

Thanks, Ana! 

Stay tuned for the next Guilty Greenie Confessional.

xo, Gigi

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