8 Affordable Eco-Fashion Sites


Truly ‘eco’ eco-fashion is hard to find, amirite greenies?  And then when you find it, how in the heck do you afford it? One hundred and fifteen freaking dollars for a hemp t-shirt?  Yeah, not gonna happen.  I’ve searched high and low to find places online where I can buy clothes that my guilty heart and my wallet can both feel decent about.  So I’m writing to share the wealth.

A little Guilty Greenie note: The fashion industry produces SO much waste and truly wreaks havoc on the environment.  Oh boy, my heart hurts just thinking about it.  Though their ethical efforts are admirable, most if not all of the brands you’ll find through these links have not closed the loop of their manufacturing, meaning they still are not entirely sustainable.  Using your money to support these guys is a great idea. Although, if you really don’t want to leave any footprint with your consumerism, try not to buy anything new at all!  Other choices: try a minimalist lifestyle (narrow your closet to a capsule wardrobe), upcycle your own stuff, or buy from thrift stores.

Oh, about price: When I say affordable, I mean it. $45 or under. I usually don’t spend more than $15 on one item. BUT I always shop in the sale section or wait until they have storewide discounts.

Go Eco-Chic on A Budget

1.Threads for Thought – Love, love this brand.  Great basics, activewear, and the occasional cute skirt or dress.  Lots of different fabrics used like recycled polyester, which is cool, but look closely if you’re a stickler for natural materials. They have a great sale section.  It’s worth it to get on the mailing list.

2. PACT – My go-to company for basics. Organic cotton underwear, tights, leggings.  Adorable socks.  They’re great. A bit pricey for me on the site unless they have a sale, but you can find them on amazon and other places.

3. Bibico – Tees. Dresses. Knitwear. Shoes.  I can usually find at least one super cute thing in the sale section.  Just bought a great dress for $19. They admit they’re not perfect, but this U.K. company is committed to slow fashion practices.

4. MooShoes – This is a site that carries a ton of different awesome brands.  It’s mostly shoes (yay!), but there are some clothes too, like some graphic tees.  Sale starts at $19.99.

5. Soul Flower – Tons of funky hippie stuff if you’re into that. Some cute yoga pants. A few gorgeous graphic tees. Great sale section starting at $10.

6. MOVMT – a.k.a. The People’s Movement. Ethical and stylish running shoes!! And casual shoes! Woo!  Great discounts sometimes on Amazon and MooShoes.

7. Rodale’s – This is a general store that carries clothes.  Not a humongous selection, but there’s the occasional score.  Currently eyeing a bamboo maxi dress.

8. ShopStyle – This is a tool to use if you know what eco-friendly brand you’re looking for.  You type in the brand, and it will show you where to find deals. Ex. Try ‘PACT clothing.’ Click on the Sales&Deals tab.


9 links to sites I don’t frequent or that are in the $$$ category but are still worth sharing:

Fair Indigo

Aventura Clothing

Satva Living


Nomads Hemp Wear





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