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6 Lazy Person Tricks for a Faster Shower

6 Lazy Person Tricks for a Faster Shower


Taking a faster shower in order to save water has been on my green goal list for so long.  I still haven’t truly locked it down.  Sometimes I’m a water saving pro, and other times I feel like I’m the reason for the drought in California.

I just love showers so much.  They’re so therapeutic for me that trying to take a faster one can be a legit emotional battle.  Because my water saving powers are so synced with my mood, I often have to trick my lazy self into taking a faster shower.  Read on to hear six of the tricks I use as regularly as I can.

Faster Shower Tricks, Ranked by Ease

1. Turn the heat up in the bathroom – This one is a tradeoff, but I use it when my mood is super low and I feel the urge to take a really long shower.  I use more electricity by heating the room, but I use a lot less water since I don’t rely on the water to warm me up, and I do not feel as much of a need to linger before reaching for a towel.  If you don’t have heat that goes directly to your bathroom and not to your whole house, you could try a space heater.

2. Set a timer – Honestly, I hate this one.  It’s ranked number two because it doesn’t require any temperature change or turning off of water, but it takes away some of the relaxation aspect of showering.  It does force me to take a faster shower, though.  I like to use the most melodious and pleasant alarm I can find on my phone.

3. Wash your hair without getting in the shower – I have thick, long hair, and washing it takes quite a while.  When I anticipate that it will be to hard for me to switch the water off while I shampoo and condition it, I wash it first.  I keep my clothes on to stay warm, stick my head over the bath, and use the removable shower head to wash my hair.  When I’m done conditioning I step in the shower and wash my body.   The showering process itself can take a while, but the water does not run continuously for very long.

4. Turn off water while soaping and shampooing – So, by now you may understand my relationship with showers.  It shouldn’t surprise you then that this is tough for me.  I have to be in a really mindful place to do it.  It seems like a simple thing, I know.  Yet, I find it so unpleasant.  At least the water is still nice and warm when it’s on.  It really does cut down on shower time and save a ton of water.

5. Take a cold shower – This saves both heat and water.  I take a faster shower this way because otherwise I get too chilly.  The best way to do this is to just jump right in and embrace it.  Then it can actually be refreshing, like jumping into a cool pool.  It is certainly not relaxing, but it is very rejuvenating.  It is a major mood improver once you get over the anticipation.

6. Combine 2 and 4 – This means I use only cold water and turn it on and off while I wash my hair and body.  In my mind, this is hardcore.  I find this harder than leaving the cold water running, because each time I turn it back on I have to adjust to the temperature all over again.

Well, that’s it for now!  Sound off in the comments if you have any tricks for taking a faster shower.

May you put sustainability second to your sanity.

Stay cool, Gigi

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