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Green Goal Setting Templates

Green Goal Setting Templates


Use these green goal setting templates to plan how you’re going to go green and stick to it. Start with small plans to change some wasteful habits, or revolutionize your whole life.  These are for newbies and veteran greenies alike.

Often, it feels like the fate of the world is on our shoulders (and it kind of is!). So, there’s a lot of pressure to live a more sustainable lifestyle and help save the planet.  I certainly put a lot of this pressure on myself.  Sometimes I find that writing things down takes a bit of pressure off and relieves a little guilt, so I don’t have to carry it around with me.

Writing my habits, goals, and accomplishments down helps to keep me motivated or gives me a boost when I’m feeling stuck. Use these templates to do the same.  They’re designed to make going green less overwhelming and more mindful. Turn that green guilt into green power!

Join the Greenie Love Club to get these free templates as writeable PDFs:

Green Goal Setting Templates

To avoid ink and paper waste, you can fill these PDFs in right on your computer!  If you prefer to print them out, I encourage you to print double-sided on reused or recycled paper.  Or, just use them as inspiration, and write in your journal or planner.


Guilty Check-In: Break down those guilty, not-so-eco habits! Using paper towels, taking long showers, , etc.  See what you can change and what you'll hold onto for now.  Ditch the guilt!

Gettin' Greener Goal Sheet: Chart goals by difficulty level (starting with easy ones), and list the steps you can take to make them happen.

Green Power-up: Take a look at what's already green in your life and what goals you've tackled. Look excitedly toward the future with a peek at your green wish-list and add a note of motivation.

Let me know how these work out for you!  Which one do you like best?  Did you use one, or all of them?

x Gigi


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  1. Hi Gigi,
    These nifty green goal templates are a great way to help people stay on track with reducing their carbon footprints. It was so nice to visit and explore your blog. I am pinning and sharing plus I followed you on social media.

    1. So glad you like them, Deborah! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing.

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