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A Glance at Products for a Greener Period

A Glance at Products for a Greener Period


Striving for a greener period is not only important for environmental reasons but also for health concerns. Recently, it’s become more common knowledge that mainstream menstrual products are often loaded with chemicals. These chemicals may be dangerous for your hoo-ha and for the earth.  Both are things that we want to protect!  In addition, periods are enormously wasteful when you add up all the manufacturing processes of products, the plastic wrap, and the collective trash of tampons and pads.

My Greener Period Swaps

So, I feel like I’ve mostly conquered the healthy aspect by switching to all organic products.  I’ve also started using my Keeper Cup (a natural rubber menstrual cup) more often, which is safer than using tampons (there’s no risk of toxic shock syndrome), and it’s so much less wasteful. However, It’s difficult for me to use the cup on my lighter days, and I can only be out of the house with it for a limited number of hours.  My main area of improvement for a greener period is waste management.  I use a lot of disposable pads and tampons, and some of them come wrapped in plastic.  I haven’t yet found a cloth pad that I really like wearing.  I feel guilty about that, but I’m putting that guilt in check and looking up cool pad companies to get motivated about switching.

To provide a glance at the choices for a greener period, I made this little graphic.

Sound off in the comments if you have any thoughts, tips, or suggestions.

May you put your sustainability second to your sanity.



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