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3 Uplifting Articles to Ease Green Guilt

3 Uplifting Articles to Ease Green Guilt


1. “Eco Etiquette: How to Deal With Green Guilt” by Jennifer Grayson – Is green guilt a thing?  This Huffpost Green article breaks it all down and leaves you with some helpful advice.

Quotable line: “Pat yourself on the back. Remember that perfect is unachievable, so instead focus on the positive choices that you are capable of making.”

2. “Green, but Still Feeling Guilty”  by Joyce Wadler – Need a reminder that you’re not alone?  This New York Times article shows how even the professionals can feel like hypocrites.

Quotable Line: “Living in an environmentally responsible way, for the truly observant greenie, can be difficult. Certainly it is sensible to take the position, as do Mr. Dorfman and several others interviewed, that guilt is neither healthy, nor a motivation for long-term change.”

3. “Happy Earth Day! I’m an Eco-Guilty Plant Killer” by Kate Ryan – Want another millennial gal’s view? This blog post will both entertain and educate you.

Quotable line: “If you’re a broke, selfish millennial like myself, you might be surprised to find your footprint isn’t nearly as big as that of the average American slob.”



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