Why I Love Thrive Market and How Much I’ve Saved


I have very high standards for the products I put on and in my body.  People in my life always ask me how I can afford to shop entirely organic and natural.  Well, the secret is I very rarely buy anything full price and try to buy as much as possible in bulk.  I mostly shop either online or at the farmer’s market.


This year, I’ve been able to get a whole lot of my online shopping done in one spot: Thrive Market, an online marketplace that sells natural and organic goods at wholesale prices.  It is my green Costco.  I LOVE IT.

Here’s why I love Thrive Market:

1. They stock brands that I already liked, like Schmidt’s deodorant, Acure, natracare, Dr. Bronner’s, and Earthpaste.  Those are not all their most recognizable brands, but they’re some of my favorites.  I buy almost all of my toiletries at Thrive, along with a few grocery goods, like Bragg Liquid Aminos.

2. Shopping at Thrive saves me a lot of time.  Before, I used to wait for individual companies like Schmidt’s to have sales, or I would scour other online stores for discounts on products I wanted.  Now I can find those prices all in one place.

3. They have additional sales on top of their already discounted prices.  This is one marketing email I really pay attention to.  I’m subscribed to their newsletter so that I can find out when they’re having a sale on certain brands or offering a discount site-wide.

4. There’s free shipping over $49.  I could have sworn it used to be $35. Hm…$49 does sound like a lot, but if you buy your necessities periodically and all at once, it’s easier to get to that free shipping mark.

5.  If you don’t make your money back in savings, they’ll credit you the difference.  So, the way that they’re able to offer such low prices is in part by requiring a membership fee.  But like I just said, they offer a guarantee that you’ll make your membership fee back, otherwise they’ll give you a credit.

6. For each membership purchased, Thrive gives a free membership to a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or student. People in need can apply for memberships on the site.

credit: thrivemarket.com
credit: thrivemarket.com

If you decide to sign up, please use my link: Thrive Membership! You’ll get a special 25% of of your first order.  In return, I’ll get some bucks to spend on the site!  Woohoo, thanks for your support!

(Note: This referral used to be for 15% off a membership, but they have since change their offer.) 

After you sign up, you can share your own link with friends and get credit too.  If you feel like you wanna try it out without paying for a membership first, they’ve got a 30-day free trial.

A cursory glance at how much I’ve saved:

– I’ve spent a total of $139.78 at Thrive. That includes some shipping costs and my membership fee, which was $29.95.  (I had a discount code for my initial membership.)

– According to the site, I’ve saved $103.70.  I assume they’re basing that off of the difference between their prices and full retail prices.  (They list the difference under each individual product, but this total number is listed under my account).

– I don’t think the number they provided takes into account my initial fee, so if I subtract my membership fee from my total savings, then I saved $73.75 by shopping at Thrive.  That’s pretty awesome.

– The only problem is, the regular membership is $59.95, so I’ll have to wait and see how much I actually save in the next round.  Thrive says my projected annual savings are $227.78.  That seems high, but who knows.  For now, I’m happy with my savings.

Finally, a few top tips:

– I time my purchases so that I can buy a whole bunch of stuff at once and get free shipping.

– I look out for emails about site-wide deals that can help save on my total purchase.

– I already know that I like all of the stuff I buy.  If I see something new that I want, I check for reviews elsewhere.  Because they’re a newer site, they tend to not have too many reviews on products.

Okay, that’s it!  I love Thrive Market, so I wanted to share it with you!

Go forth and save, greenies.

xo, Gigi


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