The Guilty Greenie

I strongly believe that real change happens best through positive motivation.

I started The Guilty Greenie out of frustration and, obviously, guilt.  That frustration stemmed from a number of places.  A sense that we weren’t doing enough, that I wasn’t doing enough, even though I was armed with so much information.  So many messages

Other ways to appeal to people, that not everyone is Just because they’re not taking action, doesn’t mean they don’t care.

They may care very much, but the urgency isn’t there — and then in my case, the urgency was there, but I struggled so much to integrate , yes – I was making better choices, I was buying mostly organic, eating mostly from the farmer’s market, using “cleaner” beauty products and — I was making better choices and yet still not the best ones I knew I could make if I was able to really make sustainability a priority.  Plenty of other things a priority – school, my passions, my family, my friends, my health, my mental health.   , and then bogged down by so much guilt that I hadn’t prepared enough to make the right choice, that I stood in the middle of a grocery isle deciding which decision I made about which pasta I bought would have fewer consequences, regretting that I was standing there making the decision and not making my own like a

if I’m not making the right decisions, who will? how can I expect change if I’m at this level – like, they got me, I care so much, and I’m still not able to make a difference? Then what hope is there for the people who don’t care at all – which is a lot of people.

or maybe they care but just not in the same way.  I grew up in a neighborhood that fought to hold on to its natural enviornment – literally went to court.  fighting for our trees, for my place to play.

so when I feel the trash I throw away, it’s going in somebody’s backyard.  in fact, I can see that landfill that’s getting bigger and bigger when I drive by the freeway.  I visited it with my Environmental Science class.  It’s real.  And I don’t want to add a single bit to it.  I remember feeling outrage.

At the same time, I don’t blame them.

and i can’t shake my hands at companies either.

because I am entity too.  And I have a responsibility to change.

it’s a heafty thing.  politics, global warming, – just concerned with making rent or trying to make their singing career take off.  staying motivated about that.

people get paralyzed – to hard to start, or continue

here’s the thing – I inherited this problem, and I’m doing the best I can.  That thinking can often reach a dead end.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t be doing this but it’s not my fault — and this little thing I’m doing is just a drop in the bucket.  You can’t drive yourself crazy over these things.

I feel like “going green” is finally becoming cool – zero waste movement, slow fashion.  Diy craze.

For me, it comes down to organization and making space.  It’s not a matter of caring.

finding ways that actually make my life better – because I know I’m helping

it’s not adding to my stress, using mindfulness

Mindfulness – consciously living in such a way that brings you more into your body, self, and present moment.  step by step.  careful not to get overwhelmed, aware of the practicality, of where I am and where I hope to be.  but grateful for being able to make the choice, knowing that i will continue to do better – but not holding that knowledge in a way that takes away from acknowledging my progress, being happy with the choice I’m making

I’m not perfect, and I don’t have this green living thing down to a science.  There are bloggers out there who But I do feel that I have made important findings, and that sharing them will help continue to motivate me in a positive way and hopeuflly will do the same for others.  But I have made a lot of progress, and I’d like to help others do the same, without pressuring them, but by leading by example.  For example, old post of mine about beauty products I used – so many of them organic ingredients, no toxins, but still in plastic containers.  I want to be transparent about my journey, but I also want to share the best solutions – not the ones that I’m still trying to phase out.  Which leads me to my standards

trying to go 100% organic (or equivalent), plastic-free, ethical sourcing

Pure Ingredients and Materials – at least 90% organic (higher if possible) this goes for home and beauty products, food recipes, art materials, clothing fibers

Zero Waste – reusable/recyclable packaging, no single use plastic

Ethical Sourcing – labor in fashion, ingredients in home and beauty, ecological impact of ingredients

Continually evaluating standards


in my eagerness to get it out there, I wasn’t really taking the time to tell a story

I may not have every post be a novel, and there will still be lists of stuff – because resource lists can be helpful too, but I want to be more authentic, may mean that this blog will be minimal for a while

I’m a creative writer, not an essayist.

But slow and steady.  Minimalism is all the rage these days anyway.

Thanks for listening.





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