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Quick Honest Beauty Review

credit: honestbeauty.com
credit: honestbeauty.com


In my experience over the past year, I have found that Honest Beauty is probably a high performance product for people who have few imperfections or people who are great at applying makeup and have the right tools.

What I got from Honest Beauty:

– Everything Cream Foundation (Snow)

– Concealer Duo (Vanishing Vanilla)

– Everything Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free (Alabaster)

What to know about me: I’m very pale with cool undertones.  I’ve got annoying hormonal acne and dry/combo skin.  I like my makeup easy-peasy.

What I use: Everything Tinted Moisturizer – about 4 times/wk, Everything Cream Foundation – rarely, as stage makeup. (I like to act dramatically upon theatre stages, especially those pronounced “thee-ah-tehr.”)

What I liked: Everything Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free (Alabaster) – Medium-ish (almost full) coverage. SPF works. Doesn’t break me out. Now that I finally figured out how to apply it the right way for my skin, I use it all the time, but only because I spent money on it.  I’m still not in love with it.  I don’t like the finish.

What I didn’t like: Everything Cream Foundation – clings to my dry patches like a bitch, feels a bit thick.  Works great as stage makeup, because I don’t care what it looks like close up. Can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it to work for an everyday look.

What I would buy again: Nothing.  Oh, Honest Beauty, I was too desperate wanted to love thee. The purchase wasn’t a total waste, but it’s not the best line for my problem skin, and it’s not affordable enough for me if I only want one product.  (You can buy three things as a bundle and save money.  But ugh, it’s a subscription.  Watch out if you sign up.  Make sure you cancel it if you only want to buy it once.)

Bottom line: Pretty good stuff that might work for other people. Affordable if you’re interested in bundling multiple products (but don’t forget to call and unsubscribe, which is a pain). Probably great for people with smooth skin with few imperfections. Honestly, not the absolute purest ingredients but much cleaner than a lot of other makeup.  Not going to repurchase.

Guilt Level: Medium to high.  I haven’t researched every ingredient.  So much plastic in the packaging.

Do you guys like Honest Beauty?  Sound off in the comments if you have any tips for applying the foundation.

May you put sustainability second to sanity.



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