The Guilty Greenie

My Guilty Greenie Confessional #1

My Guilty Greenie Confessional #1


Welcome folks, to my very first confessional.  In these posts, I will get real about MY green guilt. To hear top green bloggers get real about theirs, check out my interview series!

Why am I sharing these confessions with you?  Because trying to live sustainably can be exhausting, man.  I need to get some things off my chest and pat myself on the back for some other stuff.  So, in part, this is for myself.  But it’s also for transparency.  It’s to show that I’m not greenwashing myself.  I don’t pretend to be perfect, even while I offer sustainable solutions.  Most importantly, it’s for you to see that you’re not alone if you feel like an eco-failure sometimes.  Be aware of what you can improve, but keep on truckin,’ folks (or biking, rather).  Don’t dwell on your failures.   Air them out if you need to.  Then continue making sustainability a priority, second of course to your sanity.

Be warned, I might be just a little dramatic (and a little sarcastic).

Not-So-Green Moments of the Week

1. On Wednesday, my friend threw a #1 plastic bottle into a public trash can, and I let it slide like an eco-activist failure.

2. I had a cold last week, and I used a buttload of kleenex.  Why didn’t I use a towel or something reusable?  The kleenex was already next to my bed.  And I had a cold.

3. I took a really long shower on Saturday.  A hot, curing, wonderful shower.  And I wasted that clean water with zero guilt at all.  ZERO.  I used none of the tricks for a faster shower that I had blogged about.

4. I ate a bunch of the walnuts that I said I wasn’t going to eat.  The walnuts were bought from whole foods in super plastic-y packaging because the rain uprooted our farmer’s market vendor’s walnut trees.   I’m a monster.  They were delicious in my cereal.

5. I watched a LOT of shows on the actual television and on my computer.  I was an electricity wasting fiend.  It wasn’t even good TV.  It was stuff like ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Are You the One?’ on MTV.  If you ever feel guilty about indulging in ‘The Bachelor,’ check out ‘AYTO’ and you will feel better about your priorities. It’s absolute trash, but I loved it.

Good Green Moments of the Week

1. I did a lot of research in the past week about the zero waste lifestyle.  It’s starting to feel like a more doable thing.

2. I baked some healthy, organic brownie cupcakes for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  They turned out kind of gross.  But the point is I tried, people.

3. I collected rain water in a bucket.  That was fun.  It shall be used for future plant watering.

Green Wishlist

1. As part of my effort to reduce my use of plastics, I’m switching from bottled soap to bar soap.  I put this Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Bar Soap on my shopping list for my next haul from Thrive Market.

dr. bronner's

To save 25% on your first Thrive order click here (I’ll get some money for groceries in return, thanks!). To read my post about why I love Thrive click here.

2. This sweatshirt from ConsciousTee is a little out of my price range for a simple sweatshirt, but I want to buy it anyway when I have some spending money.  Cute and conscious, it’s 100% organic cotton, printed with water-based ink, and approved by the Fair Wear Foundation.



Well, that does it for this confessional!  Comment with your own not-so-green confessions. 🙂

Stay Sane, Gigi

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