Ever feel like just ripping a page out of your life and starting fresh? Well, that’s just what I’ve done with this blog. The goal remains the same: to share thoughts and tools about green living and mindfulness. Almost everything else on the site is new.  I’ve splashed the site with a fresh design and privately archived my old posts.  This way, all of the content on here will reflect the sustainable, ethical, and creative standards I align with today.

first time here?


Are you here because you’re interested in a sustainable lifestyle?

Maybe you want to bring some more peacefulness into your mind and body. 

Well, whether you are a veteran green freak, a mindfulness newbie, or simply a curious passerby, I invite you to join me on my journey. 

Let’s take a holistic, non-judgmental, practical approach to transforming our lives and the planet for the better.


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