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Whether you are a newbie greenie, a certified green freak, or just an interested passerby, I’m glad you found yourself on The Guilty Greenie.  I hope you enjoy your time here. While browsing, here are some things you should know:

All content here is original

As stated in the privacy policy, all words, photography, and designs are my own unless otherwise stated. You’re welcome to take quotes or headlines from this blog as long as you attribute them to Gigi Greene and link back to www.guiltygreenie.com. However, do not take any of my photographs or digital media to post elsewhere (other than Pinterest) from this site without asking.  Thank you!

I am not a medical expert, therapist, or scientific researcher

Duh.  I hope my thoughts and tidbits of knowledge help you by kickstarting or furthering your discovery of certain topics, but nothing on this blog should be taken as professional advice or scientific research.  I take time to make sure the stuff I write is as accurate as possible, but always do your own homework!  I am not responsible for anything that happens to you, physically or mentally, that you may attribute to reading this blog.  (Although I do hope to be a good influence!)

I may use ads on this site

You may notice advertisements on this blog that link to third party sites.  I only put up ads for sites or products I truly believe in and have personally tested.  I may receive a small amount of money if you click on an ad or purchase something through the link.

I may use affiliate links

Some of my blog posts may contain embedded links to sites or products that offer me a small commission.  Again, I only put up ads for sites or products I truly believe in and have personally tested.  When it comes to physical goods, I always recommend that you reuse, upcycle, or buy thrifted or locally produced items before buying something new through the internet.  Any blog post that contains affiliate links will contain a disclaimer.

What about sponsored posts? 

None of the posts on my site right now are sponsored.  I will update this page if that changes.

Well, that’s it folks.  I appreciate your readership and support!

Sustainability second to sanity, but first after that.

xo, Gigi

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