I still feel like I have a lot of progress to make in this area, but I do try my best to save water! My philosophy is to integrate habits that make saving water easy, even when I’m lazy.  Most of these I have pretty down pat.  I don’t even think about them.  There are other things that are a little tougher for me to put into practice all the time.  Anyway, here are just four of my top water saving tips:

1. Water plants with water from the shower. I very, very rarely let water run straight down the drain.  While I’m waiting for sink or shower water to heat up, I let it run into a bowl I keep in the bathroom, which I later dump into thirsty plants.

2. Cut down on shower time. If I can handle it, I turn the water off while I shampoo or soap-up.  If I’m feeling particularly motivated I take a cold shower, which forces me to cut my singing time short.

3. Water plants with water from dishwashing.  I keep a big mixing bowl in the sink while I’m washing dishes.  When it fills up, out goes the water to thirsty plants.  Don’t do this if you’re using harsh dish soap.  Avoid getting food bits in the bowl.  It might seem a bit annoying at first, but I got used to it quickly.

4. Use a cup to rinse after brushing teeth. This is a tiny thing, but I swear it saves water.  I keep a little cup next to me while I’m brushing my teeth.  Instead of just cupping water with my hand, I fill up the cup to rinse.  I also use the leftover water to wash off my toothbrush.

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